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The Ska'moog Champions!

S2N06318 (1).jpg

6U Champions - WeDifferent

  • Dominant and tough football team (they are a great TEAM)

  • The best 6U team to ever play Ska'moog

  • Dominant, talented, well-coached & truly a joy to watch play

7U  Champions  -  Wolfpack

S2N06355 (1).jpg

7U Champions - Wolfpack

  • 6U and 7U Champions!

  • Well-coached, talented and tough football team

  • Won 3 Tournaments in 2022 including the Tournament of Champions!

8U  Champions  -  WeDifferent

S2N06339 (1).jpg

8U Champions - WeDifferent (Undefeated)

  • Lethal combination of talent and discipline

  • Incredible defense (#1 defense in all of Ska'moog - give up less than 3 pts/game

  • Great coaching staff - the greatest 8U team to ever play

10U  Champions  -  LI  Bandits

S2N06400 (1).jpg

10U Champions - LI Bandits (5 Tournament Wins)

  • LI Bandits won every Ska'moog 10U tournament in 2022

  • Explosive, dynamic, smart and incredible group of players

  • The Best 10U team to ever play Ska'moog.

12U  Champions  -  G-Men

S2N06380 (1).jpg

12U Champions - G-Men

  • Great combination of talent, toughness and will-to-win 

  • Great coaching staff 

  • Dynamic athletes and playmakers at every position

  • Impressive, dominant performance in the 2022 TOC to take the Gold!

14U  Champions  -  Fusion

S2N06365 (1).jpg

14U Champions - Fusion

  • Great athletes and playmakers at every position

  • Lethal combination of Talent, Discipline, & Football IQ

  • GREAT coaching staff

17U  Champions  -  G-Men

S2N06426 (1).jpg

17U Champions - G-Men

  • Incredible football team with gamechangers at every position

  • Dynamic set of athletes who know how to win together

  • Great coaching and leadership

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