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Ska'moog    Youth   Tournament  of  Champions!

- All  TEAMS  Earn   Power  Ranking  Points  By  Playing
- The  Top  Ranked  Teams  Earn  Bids  To the   Tournament  of  Champions!!!  

Youth TOC Graphic.jpg

Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS!

Ska'moog Youth Tournament of Champions ("TOC")

What is the TOC?
We invite all of the Top Ranked teams to compete for the Championship GOLD Rings!  All teams are welcome to enter!

The Teams that win tournaments and are Power Ranked the highest receive certain advantages in the TOC (e.g., selecting round games, start times etc.).

What you win at the TOC?
The Tournament of Champion winners earn the title as Ska'moog Champions!  They take home the Championship GOLD Rings & New Custom Uniforms!

12.15.22 Flyer TOC.jpg

The Ska'moog GOLD Rings & Custom Jerseys!

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