Ska'moog    Youth    Team  8u  Power   Rankings

- All  TEAMS  Earn   Power  Ranking  Points  By  Playing
- The  Top  Ranked  Teams  Are  Invited  to the   2022  Tournament  of  Champions!!!  

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Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS  &  Gold  Rings!

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The PLAYERS design their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear for all of 2023!

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Official Team  Power  Rankings!!!!

 2022  Power  Rankings   as  of  06.04.22  Tournament

#1 Thee Academy

THee  Academy  (68  pts)

1  Championship
4  Playoff  Wins
Offense:  >3tds / game
​Defense: <1 TD /  game

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Yusef  Reddick,  Shadon  Starling
Players to watch:  Javian  Blasko,  Justice  Bond,
Maleek  Camacho,  Kashus  Gross,  Ahmad
Johnson,  Xavier  Manns-Atkinson,  Ja'mir  
Mickle,  Sadon  Starling,  Zayvien  Vega

8U Champs - Thee Academy.jpg

#2 Majestic Storm

Majestic  Storm  (60  pts)

1  Championship  
4  PLayoff Wins

Offense:  >3TDs/Game
Dynamic Playmakers
​Great Coaching Staff

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  tanya  Burrell,  Robert  Conway,  Nil  Townsend
Players to watch:  Cameron  Townsend,  Javion 
Burton,  Ian  Conway,  Colton  Ennis,  Kashus  Gross,  Kameron  Moyer,  Jaevon  Pletz,  Jacob  Ricglane,  Cameron  Townsend,  Carter  Welsh

8U Champs - Majestic Storm.jpg

#3 WeDifferent

 WeDifferent  (43 Pts) 

2021  Tournament  of  Champions  Winner
1   Championship
​OFfense : > 4  tds/game
#1  Defense

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: Justin  Millan
Players to watch:  Jayceon  Millan,  Tevin  Millan,
Lucas  Plaza,  Zander  Barlow,  AZ  Thone,
Derrick  Shade,  Devin  Kelly,  Ayden  
Barndt,  Jaxyn  Rushing,  Mateo  Vassa


#4 Bad News

Bad  News  (30  pts)

1  Playoff  Win
1  Tournament  Runner-Up

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Lee  Bowers,  Ryan  Hardy
Players to watch:  Ryan Bowers,  Ryan  Hardy  Jr,
Chance  Sierra,  Bryan  Johnson,  Julian  Pirolli, 
Daniel  Howe, Maximus  Grafenstine, 
Ezra  Slavin,  Aiven  Rankins

8U - Bad News.jpg

#5 Renegades

Renegades  (27  pts)

2  Tournament  Semi-Finalists

Well  balanced  offense
gritty  defense

a team  to  watch!

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Edward  Gutierrez
Players to watch:  Justice  Bond,  Wyatt Gutierrez,
Alex  Vazquez,  Gage  Pitt,  Joey  D'Alonzo,  Jayson  
Green,  Maddox  Thomas,  Ayzion  Roasrio,
Darrell  Green  Jr,  Chase  Trainer


#6 Morristown Cavalry

Morristown  Cavalry  (23 pts)

Well Coached  &  disciplined team
Full of Young Playmakers
a team  to  Lookout  for!

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: Bill Mullen,  Willie  Rzucidlo
Players to watch:  Sabby  Haag,  Gabe  Wolff,  
Karter  Mills,  Daniel  Venedam,  Ryan  
Lasalvia,  Sofia  Cervone,  Silas  Scott,
Reece  Davidge

8U - Morristown Cavalry.jpg

#T-7 Brick Elite

Brick  Elite  (16  pts)

Top  5  defense
Talent  at  every  position
Tough  Defense
a team  to  Lookout  for!

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Anthony  Bontorno,  Fred  Goldie,  Chris  Johnson
Players to watch:  Charlie  Grippe,  Cooper  Hotz,
Aaryn  Lobel,  Easton  Sprague,  Carmelo  Britt,
Christopher Johnson,  Carter  Lavale, 
Cameron  Kish,  Henry  Hazelet, 
Dominic  Stefanelli,  Lucian  Lardieri


#T-7 Long Island Bandits

LI  Bandits  (16  pts)

Top  5  defense
Talent  at  every  position
Tough  Defense
a team  to  Lookout  for!

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Mike  Catalano
Players to watch:  Hunter  Manhall,  AJ,  Jake  
Brocking,  Tahj  Whitlow,  Moses,  Levi  Johnston,
Vasiah  Henderson, Cardi,  Wyatt  Gutierrez

8U - LI Bandits.jpg

#T-7 The Sharks

The  SHarks  (16  pts)

Gritty   Defense
Tournament  Semi-Finalist

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Grant  Zigg
Players to watch:  Kawhi  Grant,  Andrew 
Foster,  Maurice  Kingwood,  Chase  Beaty, 
Terrell Butler,  Jahsire  Reid, 
Christian  Myrick,  Nahzeem  Clarke

8U - The Sharks.jpg

#T-10 Huntington Elite

Huntington  Elite  (13  pts)

Well  balanced  offense
gritty  defense

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  David  Kleet
Talent At all positions 


#t-10 Baby Gladiators

Baby  Gladiators  (13  pts)

Top  5  Offense
Well  Balanced  Team

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Keith  Stokes
Players to watch:  Keith  Stokes  Jr,  Cali 
Marrero,  Elijah  Blackwell,  Jason  Roy, 
Kannon  Kernisan,  Kingston  Crummel,
Salvatore  Ventura,  Xavier  Isaacs

8U - Baby Gladiators.jpg

#12 Avengers

Avengers  (10  pts)

Up & Coming Team!
Talent  at  every  position
Well Coached

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Ed  Marin
Players to watch:  Jordan  Wells,  Noah  Jone,
Harrison  Becker,  Nicholas  Lyons,
Jamie  Vogt,  Kellan Thompson


Power   Rankings  &  Tournament  of  Champions

How  do  the  Power  Rankings  work?

Play  in  events,  build  your  rank,  earn  your  invite  to  the  TOC!

Ska’moog tournaments and leagues are all interconnected through our unique Power Ranking system.  We track each teams performance throughout the season and invite the top teams to compete in the Tournament of Champions. 

Timing of the Season
The season starts in January and runs through November.  The TOC is in November/Early December each year.

The Point System
- Team receive points for playing.  The more points you earn, the higher your ranking.  The scoring system is summarizes as follows:
    - 5 Pt Entry Bonus (1st Tournament 10 Point Bonus)
    - 3 Pts for Regular Win
    - 6 Pts for Playoff Win
    - 15 Pts for Championship Win
    - 1 Pt for tie
*Note we reward teams for playing.  You do not receive negative pts for losing

Details  on  the  Tournament  of  Champs!

Play  in  events, build  your  rank, earn  your  invite  to  the  TOC!

Battle for the Rings 2022.jpg

Who's invited?
All Tournament Winners & the Top Power Ranked teams (final invite list depends on # of teams in division).

When is the TOC?
The projected TOC dates are as follows:
- Youth - December 2022
- Girls - December 2022

What do you win in the TOC?
- The Coveted BLACK Jerseys & GOLD Rings (you get the right to wear the coveted black jerseys for all of 2023).  No one else wears black, except the champions

Format of TOC?
- 2 Round Robin followed by single elim playoff (Top Ranked teams select their round robin game opponents) - teams are seeded by Power Ranking.  Higher your rank, easier it is to win the TOC

You  just  found  a  reason  to  TAKE  YOUR  GAME  TO  THE  NEXT  LEVEL!