07.03 | Hillsborough, NJ | Youth

$315 Per Team*

*Early bird pricing ends 6/14



Event Location - 137 Mountain View Rd, Hillsborough Township, NJ

Date - Saturday, July 3rd
Time - 8:30AM-10:30AM (Registration)

Pricing $345/player*
*$315 from 6/1 through 6/14

Boys - 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 17U
Girls - 12UG, 14UG, 17UG

Event Overview - This Ska'moog Youth Event is a one-day Flag Football Tournament. With Player Stat-Tracking, Team Power Rankings, the dynamic Ska’moog Combine, FREE Photos, and a chance to earn an invite to the Tournament of Champs to play against the best teams in the tri-state area, this is an event you will not want to miss!

Winner Receives
- Invite to the 2021 Tournament of Champs where you could win Prizes and earn the coveted BLACK Jerseys.
- Championship Rings
- Power Ranking Points

Included in Your Entry


Matching Game Jerseys

Tournament Entry - 3 Game Min



We CARE about you!
WE are dedicated to provide you with the BEST football experience!

FREE Division Highlight Video


MVPs, Player and Team Stats


FREE Entry => Ska'moog Combine


Coaches Playbook & Resources
We are here to help all players, parents & coaches and provide resources!

We provide you MORE value for LESS


skamoog rings.jpg


The Winner will take home our signature

NEW Ska'moog Championship RINGS!


Winner receives an invite to play in the TOC to compete against the BEST teams in the Tri-State area to win the coveted BLACK Jerseys and TOC Prizes!

3 Reasons You Can't Miss This Tournament

1) Competition and Fun - The Winner earns an invite to the Tournament of Champs

Looking for a challenge? The Division Winner receives an invitation to the Tournament of Champs where you can earn the coveted BLACK Jerseys and TOC Prizes.

2) You deserve better = Experience Ska'moog Youth Flag Football!

We are players and we care about your team's experience. With Player and Team Stat Tracking, Tournament MVPs, Team Power Rankings, Free Tournament Photos, Game Jerseys, and more, Ska'moog Youth is different - come experience the new age of Youth Flag Football!

3) One-day tournaments fit your schedule

Tough to commit to a long 12-game season? Ska'moog Youth's convenient one-day tournaments are designed to fit your  team's busy schedule. 


Tournament Details

1. Tournament Format
- One Day 5v5 Flag Football Tournament
- Guaranteed 3 Games (Max of 5-6)
- 2 Round Robin Games for Playoff Seeding
- Single Elimination Playoffs (All Teams Make Playoffs)

2. The Ska'moog Combine
- QB Accuracy Challenge
- Laser Timed 40 Yard Dash
- Vertical Leap
- Endzone Leap
- Long Throw
- Team Skills Challenge

***Combine drills rotate each event.  Top players receive Prizes.
3. Extras
 - Music, Hydration Stations, Main Tent (with Schedules)

Field Layout & Key Rules

Field Size*
- Length - 50-60 yds
- Width - 20-25 yds
- Endzones - 8-10 yds

*Sizing changes based on tournament location

NFL Flag Rules are used at all Ska'moog Youth Tournaments.  Link to full rulebook below.


Ska'moog Youth Tournament of Champions ("TOC")

- All TEAMS Earn Power Ranking Points By Playing

- The Top Ranked Teams Are Invited to the  2021 Tournament of Champions!!!  

ToC2021 YT 02.jpg

- The 2021 TOC Winner earns the coveted BLACK Jerseys!  

The PLAYERS can design their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear for all of 2022!

TOC Jerseys (post 4.2.2021).jpg

Spectators & Supporters

Safety is #1 - We will be following all state guidelines and continuing to monitor for any changes in protocols

For this event, we are glad to announce that ALL spectators will be allowed (we have increased the field spacing) and there should be no issues with space and capacity

So we hope you all will have a chance to come out and support your teams!


Who we are?


Just like you, we really do CARE.


Youth sports made a profound and incredible impact on our lives. It taught us about:

- Teamwork

- Dedication & Hard Work

- Discipline & Commitment

- Togetherness & Team

- Overcoming Challenges

These values changed our lives and helped us to create incredible memories and friendships and also helped us to succeed in life!


Our Ska'moog events aspire to give you the same incredible experiences and values that team sports gave us.

We invite you to join the 10,000+ Adult and Youth players that Ska'moog!


Only $315 Per Team*

*Special pricing ends 6/14

Questions? Email info@skamoog.com