Ska'moog    Youth    Team  6u  Power   Rankings

- All  TEAMS  Earn   Power  Ranking  Points  By  Playing
- The  Top  Ranked  Teams  Are  Invited  to the   2022  Tournament  of  Champions!!!  

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Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS  &  Gold  Rings!

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The PLAYERS design their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear for all of 2023!

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Official Team  Power  Rankings!!!!

 2022  Power  Rankings   as  of  06.04.22  Tournament


#1 WeDifferent Green

WeDifferent Green (75 Pts) 

2  Championships
4  Playoff  Wins

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: Jay  Millan,  Miguel  Perez, 
Gabe  Robinson,  Tomi  Perez

Players to watch:  Matteo  King,  Karter  Knight,
Julian  Thompson-Mann,  Omar  Williams,
Juel  Rada, Antonio  Alvarez,  PJ  Poole, 
Coury  Dumon,  juelz  Millan,  Owen  Robinson

6U Champs - WeDifferent (Saquon).jpg

#2 WeDifferent

  WEDifferent  (43  pts)

1  Tournament  win
#1  Defense
#1  Offense

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Jay  Millan,  Gabe  Robinson
Players to watch:  Justice  shade,  Juelz  Millan,
cartor  diaz,  owen  robinson,  rafael  rivera jr.,
dy'mere dj  abraham,  carmine  burton

6U Champs - WeDifferent.jpg

#3 The Academy

The  Academy  (34  pts)

1  Tournament  Runner-up
Defense:  <1 0 PPG
Offense: ~2 tds/g

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Yusef  Reddick,  Kevin  Kelhart,  William  Leone
Players to watch: Adam  Bello,  Adrian  Mendez,  Ami
Richardson,  Bryce  Suber,  Jayce  Johnson  Morales,
Karson  Dickerson,  Landon  Morales,  Mekhai
Muhammad,  Rawley  Oscavich

6U - Thee Academy.JPG

#4 Avengers

Avengers  (33 pts)

1  Tournament  runner-up
2  Playoff  Wins
offense:  > 2tds/game
Defense:  top  3  ranked

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: Edgar  marin
Players to watch:  Greyson  marin,  Michael  VanNote,  Tristen  Lowe,  owen  Nassiry,  Peyton  Kelly,  sullivan  scanlan,  declan  scanlan,  anthony  gallucci,  joey  ruffino,  jaCe  strain,  jonah  alvarez

6U - Avengers.JPG

#5 WeDifferent 5U

WeDifferent 5U   (26  Pts)

Tough  and  resilient team
great  coaching  staff

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: Jay  Millan
Players to watch:  Avery  Vincent,  Sebastian  Perez,
Amiree  Santiago,  Da'mani  Perez,  Jayce  Gaddy,
Kacey  Middleton,  Marcello  King,  Jazhier  Ryan,
Kaden  Hill,  Jayce  Medina-Lester

6U - WeDifferent 5U2.JPG

#T-6 CT Elite

CT  Elite  (19  pts)

Well  balanced  offense
Defense:  <12 PPG

 Tournament Semi-Finalist

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Leonard  James,  Brian  Nash,  Jessica  Nash
Players to watch:  Solomon  Baymon,  Brayden  Brantley,

Christian  Morneau,  christopher  kubera,  joseph  malone  II,
liam  james, joseph  nash,  jaxiel  velez,  noah  voiland

6U - CT Elite.jpg

#T-6 Young Kings

Young  Kings  (19 pts)

Tournament  semi-finalist
Top  5  defense

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: Aaron  Boddie,  Marie  Boyd-Carter
Players to watch:  Adrian  Boddie, Michael  Davis III,  Kaiden  Boyd-Carter, ,  Mathias  Williams
Carter  Goodman, Peter  Narcisse III, 
Nathan  Rubert, Larenz  Mack,Xzavion  Torres

6U - Young Kings.jpg

#8 Renegades

Renegades  (18 pts)

Well  coached 
Disciplined  team

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: Edward  Gutierrez
Players to watch:  Makhai  Muhammad,  Zah'mir  Shaffer,
Kayden  Powell,  Vincent  Vasquez,  Clarence  McCready,
Draedon  Dimaio,  Jaecier  Rosario,  Ibrahim  Mitchell

6U - Renegades.jpg

#9 Rising Stars

Rising  Stars  (10 pts)

Tough  and  resilient team
great  coaching  staff

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: Rashon  Cooper
Players to watch:  Marcel  Cooper,  Tyree  Cooper,
Semaj  Anderson,  Jaylen  Spaulding,  Mason
Quabeck,  Zaine  Ingram,  Ezell  Hunter

6U - Rising Stars.jpg

Power   Rankings  &  Tournament  of  Champions

How  do  the  Power  Rankings  work?

Play  in  events,  build  your  rank,  earn  your  invite  to  the  TOC!

Ska’moog tournaments and leagues are all interconnected through our unique Power Ranking system.  We track each teams performance throughout the season and invite the top teams to compete in the Tournament of Champions. 

Timing of the Season
The season starts in January and runs through November.  The TOC is in November/Early December each year.

The Point System
- Team receive points for playing.  The more points you earn, the higher your ranking.  The scoring system is summarizes as follows:
    - 5 Pt Entry Bonus (1st Tournament 10 Point Bonus)
    - 3 Pts for Regular Win
    - 6 Pts for Playoff Win
    - 15 Pts for Championship Win
    - 1 Pt for tie
*Note we reward teams for playing.  You do not receive negative pts for losing

Details  on  the  Tournament  of  Champs!

Play  in  events, build  your  rank, earn  your  invite  to  the  TOC!

Battle for the Rings 2022.jpg

Who's invited?
All Tournament Winners & the Top Power Ranked teams (final invite list depends on # of teams in division).

When is the TOC?
The projected TOC dates are as follows:
- Youth - December 2022
- Girls - December 2022

What do you win in the TOC?
- The Coveted BLACK Jerseys & GOLD Rings (you get the right to wear the coveted black jerseys for all of 2023).  No one else wears black, except the champions

Format of TOC?
- 2 Round Robin followed by single elim playoff (Top Ranked teams select their round robin game opponents) - teams are seeded by Power Ranking.  Higher your rank, easier it is to win the TOC

You  just  found  a  reason  to  TAKE  YOUR  GAME  TO  THE  NEXT  LEVEL!