Ska'moog    Youth    Team   12U  Power   Rankings

- All  TEAMS  Earn   Power  Ranking  Points  By  Playing
- The  Top  Ranked  Teams  Are  Invited  to the   2021  Tournament  of  Champions!!!  

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Tournament  of  Champions  Winner  EARNS  THE   COVETED  BLACK  JERSEYS!

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The PLAYERS design their championship BLACK Jerseys which they will have to sole right to wear for all of 2022!

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Official Team  Power  Rankings!!!!

Rankings  Updated as  of 5.16  Event


#1 Majestic Storm

#1  Majestic  Storm  (32 Pts) 

1   Championship
2  playoff  wins
​#1  OFfense 

Team  Gamechangers

Coach: Matt sorrentino
Offensive   Leaders: Anthony  sorrentino (17 Pass TDS)
Defensive  Leaders:  Liam  conrad,  alsaiah  gross  jr.
Players to watch:  Jeziah  gregory,  aiden  bayard,  kai  jefferson,  elijah  burrell

#2 THT Young Guns

#2  THT  Young  Guns  (17 Pts) 

1  Playoff  Win
Over  17  ppg
​#2  OFfense 

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  ed  sparacio
Offensive   Leaders: Justin  wu, nicolas  constantino
Defensive  Leaders:  Joseph  o'leary,  justin  wu
Players to watch:  Edward  daigneau,  dennis  quattrache,  lucas  heyman

T-3 Up Indians

T-3  Up  Indians  (11 Pts) 

Well  balanced  offense
gritty  defense

a team  to  watch   in  2021

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Rob  hinson
Offensive   Leaders: Bobby  yetman,  nathan  kai  finger
Defensive  Leaders:  Brennan  rooney,  darius  reid
Players to watch:  Chay chay  lawless,  ja'zire  barrow,  stefon  jackson


T-3  XLS  OOS  (11 Pts) 

tough  defensively
Resilient  team

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Jared  williams
Offensive   Leaders: Jermaine  santiago,  hayden  downes
Defensive  Leaders:  Joseph  thompson  IV,  Zackery  papcsy
Players to watch:  Andrew  boyd,  omar  pacheco

T-5 XLS Stars

T-5  XLS  Stars  (5 Pts) 

tough  defensively
Resilient  team

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Jared  williams
Offensive   Leaders: Trae  mccray,  shawn  gordon
Defensive  Leaders:  Jaxson  suttie,  jared  spencer
Players to watch:  Nicholas  desteffano,  mason  mccray,  landon  harris

T-5 Staten Island Steelers

T-5 Staten  island  steelers  (5 Pts) 

tough  defensively
Resilient  team

Team  Gamechangers

Coach:  Kyle  hoang,  shayla  cotton
Offensive   Leaders: Aiden  rivera
Defensive  Leaders:  Jordan  nunez,  james  flynn
Players to watch:  Troy  geiger,  connor  trears,  antonio  defranco

Power   Rankings  &  Tournament  of  Champions

How  do  the  Power  Rankings  work?

Play  in  events,  build  your  rank,  earn  your  invite  to  the  TOC!

Ska’moog tournaments and leagues are all interconnected through our unique Power Ranking system.  We track each teams performance throughout the season and invite the top teams to compete in the Tournament of Champions. 

Timing of the Season
The season starts in January and runs through November.  The TOC is in November/Early December each year.

The Point System
- Team receive points for playing.  The more points you earn, the higher your ranking.  The scoring system is summarizes as follows:
    - 5 Pt Entry Bonus
    - 3 Pts for Regular Win
    - 6 Pts for Playoff Win
    - 15 Pts for Championship Win
    - 1 Pt for tie
*Note we reward teams for playing.  You do not receive negative pts for losing

The  2021 Tournament  of  Champs!

Play  in  events, build  your  rank, earn  your  invite  to  the  TOC!

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Who's invited?
The Top Power Ranked Teams

When is the TOC?
The projected TOC dates are as follows:
- Youth - 11/14/2021
- Girls - 11/14/2021

What do you win in the TOC?
- The Coveted BLACK Jerseys (you get the right to wear the coveted black jerseys for all of 2022).  No one else wears black, except the champions

*Champions also EARN 2021 Custom Ska'moog TOC Rings!

Format of TOC?
- Double Elimination - teams are seeded by Power Ranking.  Higher your rank, easier it is to win the TOC

You  just  found  a  reason  to  TAKE  YOUR  GAME  TO  THE  NEXT  LEVEL!